Sam Assad

Sam Assad


A lifelong modeller, Sam started his first hobby distribution company, Kits & Kits while attending university. Starting with Dragon Models Limited for Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece, he ensured prompt delivery to retailers of new products by receiving new products each month. The business ran from 1994 to 2009, when Sam pursued a career in the defense industry. He also created his own publishing line, Blue Steel Books, which focused on the armour of Middle Eastern countries. Blue Steel Books publishes titles to this day. Not one to rest easy, Sam is also the Assistant Editor of Military Modelcraft International in the UK since 2006.





Dana J Nield

Dana Nield


Dana’s first part-time job was at the local hobby shop. While at university, he was made manager of the hobby shop, which he balanced around his course load. Upon graduation he worked for Borgfeldt Canada Limited, which was the Canadian distributor for Tamiya, Italeri, Revell Germany and Zvezda. A career in Information Technology lead him to Microsoft in Dallas, Texas, a medical software company in the state of Vermont, and Dell Computers in Canada. Dana has always been an avid modeller and has held executive positions in various clubs and contests at a local and international level. He has been published in Finescale Modeller, was the Editor of Replikator Magazine and has done research on 1/1 scale vehicles for several manufacturers and has patterned masters.


Paul Eastwood

Paul Eastwood


Paul Eastwood has been a scale modeller just as long as he has been performing music. He has been involved in running scale model clubs and some of the biggest model contests in Ottawa. When he wasn’t building, presenting and judging for and at model shows, he played in opening acts for some of the better known bands to play eastern Ontario. His high school garage band even practiced in Rideau Hall! As our Director of Sales, Paul is committed to getting you the right mix of products for your operation to be successful.






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